Refugees in their own country

Sunayna Pal

About Refugees in their own country

75 verses, on the 75th anniversary of Partition, provides a chariot for anyone, across generations, who wishes to step into Sunayna Pal’s time machine and experience those lost moments, painful moments, moments of truth, which she has magically recreated.

Praise for Refugees in their own country

These short but visually striking verses pay tribute to a community that lost everything, and the words and art completment each other well. In an age where younger Sindhis have begun to reclaim their lost heritage, this book acts as a reminder that such horror must never be repeated. As the poet says:

Rains never washed
the roads as much
as blood did.

Menka Shivdasani


These sparse poems reflect the horrors of Partition and personal loss, evident in powerful lines such as

Ink on paper
blood on land

The language is bold, blunt and contemporary. These fragmented sketches are bound to mature into distinctive poems in time. They represent a voice, deep as a history it embodies.

Anju Makhija

About Sunayna Pal

Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Sunayna Pal happily resides in Maryland, USA, with her husband, children, plants and an invincible goldfish. She enjoys working as the Director of The Poetry Academy. Holding degrees from XLRI and Annamalai University, Sunayna’s poetry is published extensively in international journals and anthologies, with recent credits in Subterranean Blue Poetry, Cecile’s Writers, and Poetry Super Highway. Sunayna is also devoted to the practice of Heartfulness meditation. Find more on her at 


Sunayna Pal graciously contributes her royalties from this book to black-and-white fountain to continue publishing books about Sindh!

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