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New Release

Sindhi Tapestry

Each piece of this splendid patchwork tapestry brings something unique to the reader. Some convey facts, theories, and insights. Others showcase lost worlds, lifestyles, and rituals. Some are memories; some tales of new lives in faraway lands. Together, they form a bridge to a dawning awareness of a historic environment that was rudely and abruptly disrupted by events that took place in 1947 – a bridge through which a rich cultural legacy may be gradually restored.

New release

My Sindh

On this journey to a homeland you may never be able to visit, you will encounter charming stories about historical facts that contributed to making you who you are. Through the author’s wit and insights, you will enjoy absorbing essential aspects of your lost culture. Some of what you read will surely be familiar. And, as things begin to fall in place, you will come a step closer to understanding who you are – a step closer to home.

A Modern Day Classic

Sindh: Stories from a Vanished Homeland

In November 2012, when this book was published, documentation about the Partition experiences of the Hindus of Sindh, and their rehabilitation, was scanty. Beginning with one woman’s memories of her childhood, the book evolved to form a depository of individual experiences, supplemented by information from secondary sources. Together, these provide a multi-dimensional perspective of the community.

The book soon found its place in university libraries around the world, as well as among the treasured chronicles of families to whom it gave a better understanding of their recent history and their disrupted cultural heritage.

Business biographies

black-and-white fountain offers writing and editing services

Working with an experienced biographer to write one’s memoirs is a therapeutic process of looking back on life, understanding its phases and transitions and articulating the important events, insights, learning and influences that made you who you have become.


Beyond the rainbow

Murli Melwani

This collection of short stories is set in the global Sindhi diaspora, an interesting and little-known history which is only just emerging.

Literary fiction by Murli Melwani, Beyond the Rainbow, offers not just an enjoyable reading experience but also insights into the lifestyle and business practices of the Sindhi families living in ports around the world.

An elephant kissed my window

M Ravindran & Saaz Aggarwal

An account of life on the tea plantations of South India over a period of fifty years, this book largely comprises personal anecdotes, traces the journey that began when once-impenetrable jungle made way for the pioneering British planters of the eighteenth century.

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